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Ghajini - 6 mistakes

Directed by : A. R. Murugadoss

Produced by : Allu Aravind, Madhu Mantena

Written by : Piyush Mishra(Dialogue)

Screenplay by : A. R. Murugadoss

Starring :  Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan,Pradeep Rawat, Riyaz Khan

Release date : 25 December 2008

Plot holes:

  • No body know how Sanjay looks. Even after he is shown giving interview. Not even Asin tries to find how he looks despite of the fact that she spoofs to be his girlfriend. So confident!!

  • Which company's employee salutes their boss in the middle of the road. Is Sanjay giving them secret military training?

  • Does owner of a multi million company goes by himself to search places to put hoardings of his company advertisement.

Continuity Mistake:

  • Diary colour keeps changing. When Ispector founds the diary it is of black color, When Jiya Khan read it, it is of tan color.

Other Mistakes:

  • When speech is going on, stage is small and simple.

But, when dance starts stage is all blitzy and enormous.

  • When auto-driver points towards Aamir Khan in bus,Inspector starts running after the bus. Shouldn't the chase of the bus from auto would be easy?

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