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Tanu weds Manu - 5 mistakes

Directed by : Anand L. Rai

Produced by : Vinod Bachan, Shailesh R. Singh, Surya Singh

Written by : Himanshu Sharma

Starring R. Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut, Jimmy Shergill

Music by : Krsna Solo, Kuly RDB

Release date : 25 February 2011

Plot holes:
  • Tanu's father asks Man's father to come Vaishno Devi with them since they have spare tickerts(family of his colleagues isn't coming). Isn't it crime to journey on other's ticket?
  • Here is bigger crime. Drinking alcohol in sleeper class.

  • How did they manage to go to the guard's cabin while train is running? Gaurd's cabin does not get interconnected with other bogies.

  • After Jassi hugs Manu, shouldn't Manu's sweartshirt should have stain of "Haldi"?

  • No visitor is allowed in this area of airport where Pappi comes to hug Manu. Other people are waiting behind the line.

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