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Tanu weds Manu Returns - 3 mistakes

    tanu weds manu returns mistakes

Directed by : Anand L. Rai

Produced by : Krishika Lulla, Anand L. Rai

Written by : Himanshu Sharma

Starring : R. Madhavan,Kangana Ranaut,Jimmy Shergill, Swara Bhaskar

Release dates : 22 May 2015

Pot holes:
In TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS, they go to mental hospital for marriage counselling. The couple is seen sitting in front of a bench of 3 doctors who would decide at the end of the hearing about who is responsible for killing their marriage and also who is the crazy one here.

Factual Error:
In movie, Tanu lives in Kanpur. So in a scene where she scolds Chintu for sending divorce notice to Manu, the banners show address of Lucknow.

Continuity Mistake:
The scene where groom comes to see sister of Tanu, in a shot "soap-dish (saabundani)" is shown on basin. But in next shot it disappears from the basin.

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