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Mujhse Shadi Karogi - 6 mistakes

Directed by : David Dhawan

Produced by : Sajid Nadiadwala

Written by : Anees Bazmee, Rumi Jaffery,

Rajan Agarwal

Starring : Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan,

Priyanka Chopra, Amrishpuri

Release date : 30 July 2004
Plot hole:
  • In the climax scene, both Akskay & Salman enters in the stadium without any ticket. Even there were no check-points to stopthem. Is it that easy to enter in stadium during an international match?
Continuity Mistakes:
  • When Priyanka Chopra come to meet her well wisher, the number of car was 6405 DC 98.

But, when she returned with Akshay, the number of car changed to GA-01 3456.

Finally, when they reached the colony, again number changed to  GA 01 W 7154. Is it Tarzan-the wonder car?

  • When Kader Khan stands to go to sleep, he has bottle in the hand.

But, in next shot, bottle transforms to glass!

  • When Bijali was sleeping, no straps can be seen .

But in next shot, the straps of her nighty can be seen.

Other Mistake:
  • Even before start of match, scores can be seen on scoreboard.

  • When players were holding Amrita Arora, there hands were very low than basket.Even if they stretch their hands, they can't reach to the basket.

But, in next shot, their hands were parallel to the basket.

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