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Prince - 4 mistakes

prince movie mistakes picturesDirected by : Kookie V Gulati

Produced by : Kumar S. Taurani Ramesh S. Taurani

Written by : Mayur Puri (dialogue)

Screenplay by : Rohit Jugraj

Story by : Rensil D'Silva

Starring : Vivek Oberoi, Nandana Sen,
Aruna Shields, Neeru Bajwa

Release date : April 9, 2010

Plot holes:
  • Since, all of them are shooting at Prince, then why all of them are aiming in different directions.

  • In this scene, she thanked Prince for not telling about their hideout to PK(a goon of Sarang).

But, few scenes before, it is shown that when Prince's memory is being erased, all of them saw the visuals of him working in his hideout.

Continuity Mistakes:
  • Here safety jacket of Aruna Shields can be seen.
prince movie mistakes pictures
But, as she comes on ground, it disappears.

  • When Vivek Oberoi typed on mobile to find the locker number, the clock in mobile shows 05:57 p.m.

After that, when they goes to open locker, cctv shows 10.39. Back in past? eh?

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  1. PK and others saw only the hideout, and not the way to reach there (through the biolock-activated elevator). Prince could have led PK to that elevator, but he didn't, which is what Maya thanked him for.