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Rocky Handsome - 4 mistakes

Directed by : Nishikant Kamat

Produced by : John Abraham, Sunir Khetrapal

Written by : Ritesh Shah

Original Movie : The Man from Nowhere (Korean)

Starring : John Abraham, Shruti Haasan,
Nishikant Kamat, Sharad Kelkar

Release date : March 25, 2016

Plot  holes:

  • When Naomi gets out the Super market angrily, she had a crayon packet with her which she took from super market. But, in next scene when she asked Rocky to return her mp3 player, she doesn't have that crayon packet instead there is a card in her pocket.
  • After taking mp3 player when she goes to her home, she doesn't have that player.
  • In last scene of movie, when Naomi meets Rocky she doesn't have hat. But, when she reached super market, she was wearing blue hat.
  • In this scene, we can see that the net is made up of strong material.
 But, here the net is made up of flimsy plastic.

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  1. There is more... last scene... you see the villian (Kevin) Run in bmw... but then they show a toyota camry stuck....