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Bajirao Mastani - 5 mistakes

Directed by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Produced by : Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Kishore Lulla

Written by : Prakash R. Kapadia

Screenplay by : Prakash R. Kapadia

Based on :Raau by Nagnath S. Inamdar

Starring Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Aditya Pancholi

Release date : December 18, 2015

Plot holes:
  • When Bajirao accidently hits Mastani in battle fiels, she gets injured. Next day, when Bajirao meets Mastani, he touched her wound with his heated dagger and says"ज़हर फैले ना इसलिए घाव जलाना पड़ा "
Doesn't the doctor/vaidya of Bundelkhand had given her medicine a night before when she was injured. So Bajirao was actually wooing her by showing his knowledge.
bajirao mastani bloopers

  • The centre of the Sheesh Mahal is reflected on to the mirrors and into Kashi's room. But, in night also so much light is coming through the window and Priyanka Chopra is able to see Deepika embracing Ranveer at night.

Factual Error:
When Bajirao return after winning battle of Bundelkhand, in one the scene, Kashibai mouths the dialogue "हीरे  में हीरा हो तो उसे कहते हैं कोहिनूर..." But, Kohinoor name was given to the diamond by Nadir Shah in 1739 and Battle of Bundelkhand was fought in 1729.

Continuity Mistake:
  • When Mastani puts a blood-tilak on Bajirao's forehead, it it a drop.
But few shots later, it changes to smudge from drop. 

  • Also we can see the change in the place of motif of cloth winded around the Bajirao's neck in above two pictures, while Bajirao was standing in same position.

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