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FAN - 5 mistakes

Directed by : Maneesh Sharma

Produced by : Aditya Chopra

Screenplay by : Habib Faisal

Story by : Maneesh Sharma

Starring : Shah Rukh Khan, Waluscha de Sousa, Sayani Gupta, Shriya Pilgaonkar

Release date : 15 April 2016

Plot hole:
  • If you remember Aryan goes to meet Gaurav at Delhi after Gaurav broke into his house. If we see below picture, it shows Gaurav enters in Aryan's home on 24th October. So Aryan must have visited after that. Also at Delhi, he performed at Dushera programme at Indra Vihar. 
But, in 2015, Dushera was on 22nd October.

  • When Gaurav shoots Aryan, we can see the pistol is pointing straight.
 But, Aryan is standing way down from him. So his must have to tilt his pistol to shoot him.

Factual Error:
 As we can see that on Madame Tussauds' website, rule no 6.1.3 clearly states that "No consumption of food or drink without the express permission of Merlin".

But Gaurav is seen holding beverage at Madame Tussauds.

Continuity Mistakes: 
  • When Gaurav goes at Aryan's house and Aryan's wife tells him to appear before camera. The date on two different frames are different.
  • When Gaurav was taking selfie before going to Mumbai, he was holding his phone vertically. But at the end of movie, when his photos are shown, the selfie is shown in landscape mode. Also the position of trophy in Gaurav's hand changes.

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