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Love Games - 4 mistakes

love games movie bloopersDirected by : Vikram Bhatt

Produced by : Mukesh Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt

Written by : Vikram Bhatt

Music by :Sangeet Siddharth

Starring : Patralekha, Gaurav Arora,
Tara Alisha Berry, Hiten Tejwani

Release date : April 8, 2016
Plot holes:

  • The whole plot should have been simpled if Alisha would not have wanted to kill her husband. Let's check for alternative:
She killed her husband because he was abusive and she was in love with Sammer instead she could have filed domestic violence case on him or else she could have use the video clip of her husband having sex with Ramona (the clip sent by Ramona to Sameer) to get divorce. Keep it simple and clean. No need to be messy!

  • Also, if Sameer wanted to get rid of Ramona, he just have to submit the proof of CCTV clip to justify that she had murdered her husband.
  • Alisha texted Sameer that she will meet him in the mall. But which mall? She didn't mentioned it & in next scene he was there.
[Pic courtesy: Nirvana Song]
  • When Sameer was making love with Alisha in her house, no one was present there. Then how does Ramona get this photograph.
[Pic courtesy: Nirvana Song]

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