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Baaghi - 4 mistakes

Directed by : Sabbir Khan

Produced by : Sajid Nadiadwala

Written by : Sanjeev Dutta

Based on : Varsham(Telugu movie starring Prabhas & Trisha)

Starring : Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Sudheer Babu

Release date : 29 April 2016
Plot hole:
In this scene, Sunil Grover threats goons without knowing they are Raghav's men. But we can see that the two goons which are encircled have already met him.
In flashback, they were present when Raghav came with proposal to marry Sia. So, director has used above scene when we were unaware of below scene to produce humour on expense of logic.

Continuity Mistakes:
  • When train stops, it is on middle track. On both sides we can see that platform is far away from train.
But in next scene, Shraddha Kapoor descends on platform.

  • We can see that outside the window, there is platform.
But in next scene, Sunil Grover is shown playing cards and platform transforms to grassy land.

  • Sia was on second last bogey and last bogey contains windows means it is passenger bogey.
But in other shot last bogey is shown as luggage van.

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