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Bhagam Bhag - 3 mistakes

Directed by : Priyadarshan

Produced by : Sunil Shetty, Dhillin Mehta

Screenplay by : Neeraj Vora, Priyadarshan

Story by : Neeraj Vora, Priyadarshan

Starring : Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Paresh Rawal, 
Lara Dutta, Jackie Shroff, Arbaaz Khan

Release date : 22 December 2006
Continuity Errors:
  • In this shot you can see that Govinda doesn't have any water bottle in his hand.
But in next shot, he is giving water bottle.

  • We can see that Shakti Kapoor also came out of the car.
But, in next shot, he is shown inside the car.

  • When Govinda & Akshay were stalking Sheetal at metro station. The clock behind shows time as 12:17
Suddenly in next shot the time is 11:00:22

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