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Naagin - 2 mistakes

naagin tv show goofsGenre: Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller

Created by :  Colors TV

Concept : Seema Shrivastav

Story : Mrinal Jha, R M Joshi, Neha Singh, Ankush Nagpal

Starring : Arjun Bijlani,Mouni Roy,Adaa Khan

Original release : 1 November 2015

Plot holes:
  • The angle from which Shivanya fired the bullet, it should have hit the legs of Viren.
nagin tv serial mistakes
But, it piereced his chest. How did the bullet elevated itself??

  • When the policewoman falls, she had cap on her head.
But, in next shot, it was kept behind her head. Let us assume it falls. Then it should be in inverted form (i.e. upside down).

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