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Desi Boyz - 3 mistakes

Directed by : Rohit Dhawan

Produced by : Krishika Lulla, Vijay Ahuja,Jyoti Deshpandey

Dialogue: Renuka Kunzru

Screenplay by : Rohit Dhawan

Story by : Rohit Dhawan

Starring : Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Chitrangada Singh

Release date : 25 November 2011

Plot holes:
  • In the circle , you can see the guitar which John was playing and the dog were on the stairs.
desi boyz movie mistakes
But, after exchanging words with Deeepika he goes other way not through the stairs.How can he afford to lose guitar while he is unemployed?
  • When Deepika entered the courtroom, doors were closed after that.
But, when Sanjay Dutt's entry in courtroom was about to happen and his dialouges were heard by everyone in court, the doors were opened. How did they anticipate that because he was not a witness.

Continuity Mistake:
When Akshay Kumar lose his job, he had to give his badge to the manager of mall.
But, in other scene where her mother calls him while he was sleeping, his badge is shown kept on the table.

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