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Shola Aur Shabnam - 7 mistakes

shola aur shabnam movie mistakesDirected by: David Dhawan

Produced by : Pahlaj Nihalani

Written by : Anees Bazmee, Rajeev Kaul, Praful Parekh

Music by : Bappi Lahiri

Edited by : David Dhawan

Starring : Govinda, Divya Bharti, Anupam Kher, Aloknath

Release date :  23 January 1992

Continuity Mistakes:
  • In this scene cadets have rifles with them.
But when they start running there are no rifles in their hands.

  • When Govinda get hit by the football, it fell infront of him.
But in next shot, his friend was holding football behind him.

  • This scene has many mistakes. Just take a note in mind about the contents of baskets, its position from bicycle and position of mudguard of bicycle.
divya bharti movie mistakes
First one is that the position of mudguard of  the bicycle changes.
shola aur shabnam movie mistakes

  • Second, basket had fallen far away but in below image it magically comes near to the bicycle.

  • And at last, the basket only contains vegetables. But in above picture, flour is spreaded on road.

Other Mistakes:
  • Here white uniformed referee is just watching them fighting. In NCC, he must be some trainer with higher ranking than students. He has power to punish students & maintain discipline. Then, why didn't he stop them from fighting?

  • When Divya Bharati pushes Govinda through bicycle. How much do you think he would have fall far from the bicycle? Any guesses...2 metres, 5 metres or more....
Take yourself a look, when they stand up, how far they are from the bicycles.

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