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Yeh Vaada Raha -mistakes

Genre : Drama, Romance

Created by : Trishula Productions

Starring : Ankush Arora, Sonal Vengurlekar, Rinku Karmarkar

Telecasted on : Zee TV

Original release : September 21, 2015
In episode 185 aired on June,06:
Factual Error:
There is no seat number inscribed on the top of the seats.

In episode 192 aired on June 15:
Plot holes:
  • When Survi falls, we can see that she managed herself by using her right hand while her left hand is in the air.
 But in the next shot, her left palm has bruishes. It was the right hand which took her weight on ground, so technically , it should be bruished, shouldn't it???
yeh vaada raha zee tv bloopers

  •  When Karthik tells police to implement checkpoints to catch the kidnapper. The kidnapper overheards it and tried to avoid policemen. But why?? No policemen recognise him by face!

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