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Fida -mistakes

Directed by : Ken Ghosh

Produced by : Ramesh TauraniKumar Taurani

Written by : Kiran Kotrial (dialogues)

Screenplay by : Lalit Mahajan, Sunny Mahajan

Story by : Lalit Mahajan, Sunny Mahajan

Starring : Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Fardeen 

Release date : 20 August 2004

Plot hole:
We can see that policeman is standing in the middle of bogie and if he shoots, the bullet will go straight.
But, Shahid Kapoor is standing at gate. So if he get shot, the bullet has to turn at edge to hit him.

Other Mistake:
The jar gets empty when he poured juice in glass.
However, in this scene, we can see that ample quantity of  juice is still left.

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