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DISHOOM -7 mistakes

Directed by : Rohit Dhawan

Produced by : Sajid Nadiadwala, Sunil A Lulla

Written by : Hussain Dalal (dialogues)

Screenplay by : Rohit Dhawan, Tushar Hiranandani

Story by : Rohit Dhawan

Starring : John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Akshaye Khanna, Jacqueline Fernandez

Release date : 29 July 2016

Plot holes:
  • The photos in passport should be front facing. In case of fake passport, the passport forgers are that much alert not to miss this detail, so that it doesn't look fake.
  • When Akshay splashes water on Varun Dhawan, it seems that they are standing close.
But if we the red arrow, it is the spot where John & Varun were standing before entering in the pool. So it is pretty good distance to splash water from where Akshay is now.

  • After arresting Ishika , the police had confiscated all belongings of her. Then how come she suddenly produced her mother's photo to cry.
  • The boy shouted the name of Viraj after seeing him.
When camera showed Viraj, he is still in ally and pretty much unrecognisible who is coming. I must say the boy has good eye-sight!

Continuity Mistakes:

  • When Jacqueline fell unconsious, her shoulder was on white line. 
In next shot, her knee was on white line. Is this called sleep walking??

  • When she was interrogated, she was wearing a jacket. 
 When Junaid takes her out, she doesn't have jacket. It must be left at interrogation room.
 Now, when they were returning after Rahul Dev was killed, she had her jacket. How??
  • In this scene chains are attached to the door of hideout. 
Now when came out after breaking the door, no chains can be seen.

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