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Ishq -3 mistakes

Directed by : Indra Kumar

Produced by : Gordhan Tanwani

Screenplay by : Praful Parikh, Rajiv Kaul

Story by : Praful Parikh, Rajiv Kaul

Starring : Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Juhi Chawla, Kajol, Shweta Menon

Release date : 28 November 1997

Continuity Mistakes:
  • Here, rats are visible(pointed by blue arrow).
In next shot, they vanished.

  • The bottles are in right hand of Ajay Devgn.
Suddenly, bottles are in left hand of Ajay Devgn.

  • Juhi Chawla applies toothpaste only on face of Aamir Khan.
Here toothpaste can also be seen on the neck of Aamir Khan.

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