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Beyhadh -mistakes

Genre : Drama, Romantic thriller 

Screenplay by : Shilpa F D'Mello

Dialogues : Radhika Anand

Story by : Ritika Bajaj Vijra

Directed by : Suyash Vadhavkar

Starring : Jennifer Winget, Kushal Tandon, Aneri Vajani, Sumit Bhardwaj

Original network : Sony

Original release : 11 October 2016 
  • Episode 1- 11th October:
The paper glasses are kept on same slab. You can see the gap between the two slabs.
In next shot, one of the glass is on other slab.
  • Episode 3 -13th October:
Maya was holding the cup while staring at Arjun.
In next shot, while she was still staring, cup is shown on the table.
beyhadh tv show mistakes
  • Episode 10 - 24th October:
Here date of birth of Maya is 30th May, 1991.
But on her PAN card it is shown 25th October, 1990.

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