Jolly LL.B 2 -mistakes

Directed by : Subhash Kapoor

Produced by : Fox Star Studios

Written by : Subhash Kapoor

Screenplay by : Subhash Kapoor

Starring : Akshay Kumar, Annu Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla

Release date : 10 February 2017

Plot hole:
An FIR was registered against Jolly in J&K. J&K police came to court to arrest him.
But in the end of movie, Jolly walked free with his family from the court. Winning a case doesn't means FIR against him in another state gets annuled. 

Other Mistake:
Jolly stopped due to traffic jam.
 When his scooter gets cleaned up, he moved forward. If there was space ahead of him, why didn't he moved earlier. This is India, if there would have been space, the guy on motorcycle beside him would have moved before him. He wouldn't have stand there to comment on his deed!

TEMPER -mistakes

Directed by : Puri Jagannadh

Produced by : Bandla Ganesh

Written by : Vakkantham Vamsi

Starring : N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Kajal Aggarwal, Posani Krishna Murali, Prakash Raj

Music by : Anup Rubens (Songs), Mani Sharma (Background Score)

Release date : 13 February 2015

Plot hole:
In the movie it is shown that the goons recorded the rape of the girl. But the video they made contains the image of video camera also. How can the person who is recording the video also gets filmed?

Continuity Mistakes:
Court order them to hang them at 5.30 a.m.
But when Jr. NTR was being hanged, stay order came.
In next scene, when he started to thrash the goons, clock shows the time to be 5.00 a.m. Then how come police were hanging Jr. NTR before time?

Ramji Londonwale -mistakes

Directed by : Sanjay Dayma

Produced by : Sunanda Murali Manohar

Written by : Jai Varma & Manish Tiwari (India portion dialogues), R. Madhavan & Sanjay Dayma (London portion dialogues)

Screenplay by : R. Madhavan, Avantika Hari

Story by : Kamal Hassan

Starring : R. Madhavan, Samita Bangargi, Raj Zutshi
Harsh Chhaya, Satish Shah

Release date : 2 September 2005

Continuity Mistakes:
  • Here Ramji has 'janeu' winded around his right ear.
In next shot, it was absent.
In next shot, it again appears.
  • They are standing on the right side of the road.
But in next shot, they were shown standing on the right side of the road.

Bengal Tiger -mistakes

Directed by : Sampath Nandi

Produced by : K. K. Radha Mohan

Written by : Sampath Nandi

Screenplay by : Sampath Nandi

Story by : Sampath Nandi

Starring : Ravi Teja, Tamannaah, Rashi Khanna, Boman Irani

Music by : Bheems Cecireleo

Release date : 10 December 2015

Continuity Mistakes:
  • There is bundle of sacks in front of Ravi Teja.
But in next scene, it appears.
  • There is a board & a truck behind the goon.
But, in next shot, there is stack of sacks behind him.
  • Here Ravi Teja throws his ring from the gate.
The ring falls at this place.
But we can see how far is that place from the gate.

Factual Error:
In pre-climax scene, it was shown that it is Independence Day.
But, when they watch news on tablet, the date shows 30th September.

Raees -mistakes

Directed by : Rahul Dholakia

Produced by : Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar, Gauri Khan

Written by : Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish 
Vashi, Niraj Shukla

Starring : Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Music by : Ram Sampath

Release date : 25 January 2017

Plot hole:
In start of movie it was shown that Raees sees hazy without spectacles (even her teacher looks blurry to him).
But in one scene, he was able to see the shooter & throws the chain towards him which also hits him. How come??

Factual Error:
In the last scene of the movie, it was shown that all policemen left leaving the body of Raees. No one stops there. At least, someone has to stay near the body to take him for postmortem & do the other formalities!

Supreme -mistakes

Directed by : Anil Ravipudi

Produced by : Dil Raju

Written by : Anil Ravipudi (story /screenplay /dialogues)

Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Raashi Khanna

Music by : Sai Karthik

Cinematography : Sai Sriram

Release date : May 5, 2016

Continuity Mistakes:
  • When fight was shown on mobile, it was zoomed.
But at place of shooting, the recording was done in wide angle.
  • When car broke the wall & fled off, it was shown that the wall was outer layer of house.
But, in next scene, other structure is shown attached with wall which should not be there because after wall there is field.

Heart Attack -mistakes

Directed by : Puri Jagannadh 

Produced by : Puri Jagannadh

Written by : Puri Jagannadh

Starring : Nithiin, Adah Sharma, Vikramjeet Virk, Nicole Amy Madell

Cinematography : Amol Rathod

Music by : Anup Rubens

Release date : 31 January 2014

Continuity Mistakes:
  • She doesn't have a blue bag with her.
In next shot, it was on her shoulder.
  • Here she is lifting the suitecase.
But from the top angle, she is shown pulling it.
  • Varun send sms at 3.03 p.m.
Prakash Raj receives it at 10.16 a.m.

Factual Error:
The time on receipt shows 22.48. But, when delivery is made, it was day. Also the delivery boy asks for 5 Euros, but the bill is of 179 Euros.(Maybe bill is of India).

Shuddh Desi Romance -mistakes

Directed by : Maneesh Sharma

Produced by : Aditya Chopra

Written by : Jaideep Sahni

Starring : Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti Chopra, Vaani Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor

Music by : Sachin - Jigar

Cinematography : Manu Anand

Release date : 6 September 2013
Continuity Mistakes:
  • His coat was hunged behind his seat.
Suddenly in next shot, it was in his hand.
  • There was traffic jam on the road and a ricksaw can be seen seen behind Sushant Singh Rajput.
In next shot, there was rickshaw behind Sushant Singh Rajput.

Rebel -mistakes

Directed by : Raghava Lawrence

Produced by : J. Bhagavan, J. Pulla Rao

Written by : Raghava Lawrence, Darling Swamy(Dialogues)

Screenplay by : Raghava Lawrence

Story by : Raghava Lawrence

Starring : Prabhas, Tamannaah, Deeksha Seth, Krishnam Raju, Brahmanandam, Mukesh Rishi

Release date : 28 September 2012

Continuity Mistakes:
  • Here pillow is lying horizontally on sofa.
In next shot, it was kept vertically.
  • Here Prabhas is wearing white vest.
But few shots later when his kurta gets ripped, the color of vest changes to black.