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Jamai 2.0 -mistakes

Hindi : जमाई २.०

Directed by : Shashant Shah

Produced by : Karan Johar, Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar

Written by : Gibran Noorani (dialogues)

Starring : Ravi Dubey, Nia Sharma, Achint Kaur

Release date : 10 September 2019

Continuity Mistake:
  • When Siddharth & DD were talking, hand position of DD changes in each frame.
It was shown folded from this angle.
 But it was down in next frame.
 Again it was shown folded.

  • Here we can see a table on the beach towards which Siddharth is headed.

He throws his bag near the table when he saw Roshni drowning.
 Here, when camera pans all 360 degree, there was no table nearby.
 Then also he picks his bag off the ground.

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